Hi my name is ivy. See my shirt? I’m transgender. I was born a boy changed to a girl since age two but I came out as a girl at age five. The reason I’m wearing this shirt because we are tired of hiding our true identity and afraid of going to bathroom with someone…. Will they picking on me? Bullying me? Well, I don’t know. That’s why we need your support transgender kids like me. There’s high percent young transgender suicide themselves because of not acceptance, the society itself and etc. that’s all. I love you all.

#FutureSpeaker #MSDFutureLeadership #ProtectTransKids #NonGenderConforming #ImportantMessage #YoungTransgender #ASL #WhyISpeakUp #ImJustBeingMe #StandUpSpeakOut #transally

Lit / Community ASL
children, youth, parents, culture, language, video (online), Advocating, Human Rights, Inclusion
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