Canadian charitable sector thrives because of volunteers. Small organizations such as ours heavily rely on the support of volunteers who bring in exceptional skills and knowledge to enhance our programs, share innovative ideas, and help us keep our administration cost to a minimum.

Our administration cost of 15.3% is one of the lowest in the sector. It is because of the volunteers, who give of their Time and Talent to empower members of the Deaf community, we are able to maintain a lower fundraising cost ratio and provide efficiency to our services.

large group of volunteers for Scotia Bank Marathon

Just a few of the ways you can


  • Sign Language Summer Camp

  • Tax Clinic

  • Mayfest

  • Sports Days

  • Office Support

  • Fundraising Events

  • Fund Development

  • Grant Research

Silent Voice invites skilled professionals as well as passionate volunteers to support our programs and services.

We recognize all our volunteers, regardless of the amount of contribution they make.  Every minute of your volunteer time matters.  Please join us!

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