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Baby Sign Animal Fun Time (App)

By January 13, 2021February 16th, 2024Education, Learn ASL, Resources
A little animated girl with big brown eyes smiling

If your child loves animals and baby signing then they will love this adorable interactive app. This baby signing app takes cuteness to a whole new level!
What’s included:
Three fun and interactive activities:
1. Play with the animals in the interactive dictionary.
2. Sing and sign with the animals in the musical zoo.
3. Have fun in the animal habitats.
Interactive activities:
1. Animal Dictionary
For each animal, the animated baby (Molly) will demonstrate the animal sign while the cute interactive animals entertain you.
2. Musical Zoo
Sing, sign, and dance along with Molly as she sings her way through the zoo.
3. The Animal Habitats
Have fun interacting with the monkeys, penguins, dogs, and fish as they go about their business.
Available for Apple.