Canadian Deaf Youth Film Festival

Congratulations to all our Winners!

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First Place Winners

Deja Vu - by Jade-May Klaver
(age 13 - 17)

Commande en ligne - by Amelianne Lazure
(age 12 and under)

Second Place Winners

Coronavirus changed my life - by Alessa Amorim
(age 13 - 17)

Group Chat - by Evangeline Fisher-Palmer
(age 12 and under)

Third Place Winners

Dissociative - by Braden Kenopic
(age 13 - 17)

Big Mess Up Birthday - by Nora Stasiukiewick
(age 12 and under)

Thank you to everyone who submitted their films!

L'étrange gardienne
by Joilanne Klaver

Isolation Film
by Jasmina Colbeck-Bihola

Stay Home Daily Routine
by Daniel James Barfoot

Different Way React in Stay Home Demo
by Daniel James Barfoot

Brosse à dent - COVID 19
by Amelianne Lazure

Ça va bien aller
by Ariane Lafrance, Isabella Gareau, Lucien Bisson-reeve, Marwa Trigui, Romain Roy and Theara Yim

Baby Birds
by Zander Colbeck-Bhola

by Max Baxter

by Vaylena Sauve

Don / Gift
by Marilou Joly

ASL video for film festival
by Maddie Walker

Ne paniquez pas
by CJ Brown, Kaï Haché, Maxim Sauvé and Theara Yim

by CJ Brown