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Deaf Culture Centre

By October 14, 2020March 5th, 2024Deaf Ecosystems, Organizations/Services, Resources

The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE is a symbol of the Deaf community celebrating Deaf life. It is a public forum both historical and forward-looking. The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE is contemporary, a fun gathering place that is open to the public and rooted in the Deaf community. It provides education, culture, visual and performing arts.

The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE opened at the historic culture, arts and entertainment Distillery District right in the heart of Old Town Toronto, A project of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, it features a museum, art gallery, gift shop, research and archives, state-of-the-art visually rich technology highlighting Deaf historical artifacts, literature, sports, ASL/LSQ interactive website / television and multimedia production studio.

The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE is a convergence point for Deaf and hearing people to immerse themselves creatively within Deaf culture. It is a unique, evolving place that is open and welcoming to all.

The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE will push Deaf culture forward into the world in a new way where old assumptions are challenged. The Centre is receptive and open to all cultures but its primary function is to enrich and elevate the achievements of the Deaf community for all the world to understand and appreciate.

The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE preserves language and history while continually exploring new technologies and ideas. It looks to the past to uncover the future so it can speak to the present in a fresh and exciting way.

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