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Family Communication Program

Family Communication Program

About the program

The Family Communication Program supports family communication for families with Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing family members by teaching American Sign Language (ASL) and provide information about Deaf Community and Deaf culture.

As a part of this program, families will:

  • Enrich their ASL skills;
  • Learn ASL in the comforts of their homes;
  • Have fun learning ASL with their family and friends;
  • Improve communication with their Deaf/Hard of Hearing family; member(s);
  • Receive ASL instruction from certified ASL instructor; and
  • Obtain individualized ASL learning plan for their family to meet their ASL language learning needs.

In-Home/Online Sessions

  • 10 lessons (1 hour each)
  • Include family members and friends
  • Learn in the comfort of your home
  • Unique learning plan for your family
  • Learn with a qualified Deaf instructor
  • Available in-home or online (Zoom)


* Financial assistance available.

Contact Us

Send us a message if you have questions or want more information and we will be in touch with you shortly.

To register, there is a button “Register Now” above that will take you to the registration form. If you have questions about registration, use the contact form below.

    Bilingualism is beneficial

    for children and adults regardless of hearing status.  Parents and educators need not hesitate to encourage bilingual development.  Contrary to popular belief, bilingualism will not impede successful language learning; in fact, it has the opposite effect.  Early exposure to multiple languages ensures optimal linguistic and cognitive development.”

    Visual Language and Visual Learning
    > Research Brief 7: The Benefits of Bilingualism

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    ASL Storytelling

    Educational Resource Center on Deafness
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