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Museum of Errors App

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  • Museum of Errors App

  • Museum of Errors is a bilingual and interactive storybook app brought to you by Visual Language and Visual Learning’s Motion Light Lab!

    Inspired by children’s book author, Gianni Rodari, Museum of Errors is full of language play and fun tongue twisters (or hand twisters!) about a museum exhibiting stories of where things go… perfectly wrong!

    Children and adults will delight in the absurdity of Museum of Errors, the imaginative possibilities, with original and colorful illustrations and animations by Silvia Palmieri.

    For instance, what happens when Elves cannot interpret well? Or what happens when a Parrot tries to sign?

    Packed with over 150 vocabulary words, signed and fingerspelled, and with 22 pages of ASL videos, this app is a proud addition to our collection of award-winning high-quality VL2 Storybook Apps.

    The story is told in American Sign Language by Conrad Baer, 3rd generation Deaf, and a talented storyteller.

    VL2 Storybook Apps are designed based on proven research in bilingualism and visual learning to provide young visual learners an optimal reading experience.

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