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London Centre of the Deaf

London Centre of the Deaf
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  • London Centre of the Deaf

  • London Centre of the Deaf (LCD) is located in the South-Western Ontario and is one of the longest standing and largest club 200 km west from Toronto since 1960. LCD is mainly focused on hosting various kinds of events from children’s Pizza activities, adult Lingo activities to seniors card playing gatherings on most Wednesdays. The majority of LCD members/participants are Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and Children Of Deaf Adults (CODA) however; we always have had a good number of ASL students, parents of Deaf children participating. LCD offers a safe and friendly environment for parents of Deaf children and their children as well. LCD strongly believes in promoting a younger generations as part of their social club vision. LCD has a mission statement and believes that their club should promote education, physical, social activities within southwest region. They have had sponsored Deaf athletics to Deaflympic worldwide (Olympic of the Deaf). Finally, LCD has a strong working ally-relationship with Robart Deaf School located in the city of London as well.

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