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Deaf Poets Society

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Douglas Ridloff is a poet and visual storyteller creating original works in American Sign Language. And in support of signing, his goal is to make ASL a part of the whole community, not just a part of a marginalized community. Douglas wants to make signing hip and significant.

Douglas Ridloff is the owner, executive director and host of ASL SLAM ( a monthly open mic event in NYC that functions as a space for the Deaf community to creatively play with ASL through poetry performances, improv, games and storytelling, often bringing special guests from around the world to perform. As a widely popular platform, ASL SLAM has now been established as a monthly event in Washington DC, Chicago and Orlando with Douglas’s oversight and guidance. Recently, Douglas has organized performances at the Whitney Museum, the Jewish Museum, SITE Santa Fe and the 9/11 Memorial Museum, and has traveled to perform his own poetry and to bring ASL SLAM to Deaf communities around the world, including Jamaica, Cuba, Finland, England, Sweden and Australia.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Visit Douglas Ridloff with TEDx


Haunted Halloween Walk

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Join Teresa as she goes on a special haunted Halloween walk!
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Hands Land

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hands land with colourful dots below text

Hands Land educational resources were developed by Deaf native signers and educators from Deaf families who found joy in using visual-based rhymes and rhythms throughout the day.

We have a great news to share! The first season of original ASL rhymes and rhythms is released to the public! Hands Land’s ASL rhymes and rhythms cover a wide range of themes including colors, animals, numbers, routines, and much more. Teachers, mentors, and parents will find them beneficial and relevant to their curriculum and daily life.

Hands Land’s primary goal is to expand educational resources through ASL rhymes and rhythms for young children that seamlessly integrate into family and school activities. Founders Leala Holcomb and Jonathan McMillan have unique knowledge and experience to bring this exciting resource to Deaf, Coda, and hearing children and their families.