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Deaf people face systematic barriers to language access in a predominantly spoken language society. When those barriers become insurmountable to Deaf adults, youth, children and their families, they come to Silent Voice and your contributions help to remove these barriers and create empowered individuals who have the resources to take advantage of what society has to offer.

Barriers to Success

For Deaf individuals, barriers in society are found in barriers to language access. Whether Deaf individuals go to a restaurant, seek information or support from a government agency, or are being educated in their neighbourhood schools, they face barriers to language. Without access to language, they do not have the type of access to information and participation taken for granted by the rest of the society.

American Sign Language (ASL), like other signed languages, has been unequivocally recognized as a natural language by linguists and by neuroscientists who have determined that it is acquired in the same way and processed in the same areas of the brain as all other human languages. Nevertheless, many members of the Deaf community face isolation and marginalization due to the fact that they do not access spoken language information on TV and radio (especially news broadcasts), in their neighbourhood schools where their teachers do not know ASL, and from interactions between their family members, friends, and co-workers, etc. Silent Voice supports the most vulnerable of these Deaf community members.

You Are Agents of Change

Silent Voice programs and services create the type of impact you want to see flourish in society. Coming together as individuals, corporations, foundations, and service clubs, you provide support that is critical for Deaf people served by Silent Voice. Together with our clients and your generosity, we can work to break down existing language barriers and ensure an equitable society for EVERYONE.

Together, we can accomplish more. Join us in helping vulnerable Deaf adults, youth, and children realize their full potential.

Your generosity makes a difference every single day!