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Sports Program 2018 – 2020

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Silent Voice’s Sports Program has been encouraging members of our community to lead a healthier and active lifestyle by providing accessible physical activities. As part of our Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund from the Government of Ontario, between April 1st, 2018 and March 31st, 2020 we have provided accessible physical activity opportunities for a total of 545 members of our community. Above is a video highlighting our sports program in the last few years.


Silent Voice is committed to continue taking the lead to provide children, youth and adults accessible sports and physical activities in our community. We are seeking funding to continue running this important program for the Deaf and hard of hearing community. If you are interested in supporting our program, please contact Ken Koffman at

Support the Canadian Deaf Youth Leadership Camp 2020 Team

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We are the Canadian Deaf Youth Leadership Camp (CDYLC) 2020 team, with a focus on outreach and registration. We are seeking your help in finding Canadian Deaf youth to participate in the CDYLC 2020 camp.

The camp is run by Deaf Youth Canada (DYC), and is to be held in Surrey, British Columbia from July 17 to 24, 2020. Our mission is to give Canadian Deaf Youth between the ages of 18 to 30 the ability to become leaders that strengthen and preserve our Deaf community, Deaf culture, and sign languages in Canada. The camp offers workshops, team-building activities, and networking opportunities that will provide them the tools to become potential Deaf leaders in their Deaf communities for generations to come. Read More

Sign Language Summer Program on Breakfast Television

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Silent Voice was thrilled to be featured on City TV’s Breakfast Television on July 5, 2019.  Live Eye reporter, Nicole Servinis, braved the above 30 temperature to come out to the Sign Language Summer Program (SLSP) day camp and spent the morning meeting parents, staff, Silent Voice Board Chair and Executive Director, and playing with the campers.  Nicole picked up several signs and is a real natural!  Thank you Nicole for spotlighting SLSP on its 45th year!  SLSP is supported by Catholic Charities and ShareLife and fundraised dollars. If you would like to support this camp for Deaf campers and their siblings and kids of Deaf adults, please contact us.