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Today, We’re Staying Home


Watch the ASL translation of Today, We’re Staying Home

Video Credit: Silent Voice Canada and RESO
ASL translation: Thinaja Nadarajah, English voice-over: April Holtom


a computer animated man dressed as a mime, signing about different animals

My Three Animals 3D


“My Three Animals” is an original ASL nursery rhyme produced through motion capture. This project investigates the natural temporal patterning in ASL using mocap data and animation. Our goal is to create signing avatars without compromising the prosody and fluency in ASL storytelling. English translation: So! I live with three animals! One dog, one cat, and one bird! Everyday, my dog barks at me; Everyday, my cat stares at me; Everyday, my bird sings to me. Why? Oh! It’s because they want food! They beg and I feed them! On a Saturday, oh no! My dog barks, my cat stares, my bird sings, and they all three beg! I feed, feed, and feed! But, I love my three animals! So! I live with three animals! One dog, one cat, and one bird! Made possible by Motion Light Lab and Mocaplab, and funded by the National Science Foundation Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning at Gallaudet University.

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a woman signing to her young son who appears to be doing homework

Mother Learns American Sign Language Alongside Her Deaf Son


Jen Foundas learned her son William was deaf when he was 6 weeks old. As he has grown over the last five years, she, too, is studying American Sign Language. And the Foundas family aren’t alone. According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 90 percent of deaf children are born to hearing parents.

a purple speech bubble. text reads what would you ask a sign language interpreter?

What Would You Ask a Sign Language Interpreter?


If you could ask a Sign Language Interpreter anything, what would you ask? Here are a few example questions. (turn on sound for voice over) Of course, we’ve given you some answers, so feel free to share and help spread some awareness about working with interpreters.

A woman with short hair signing in front of a dark green wall

Pineapple University: Top Ten ASL/English Bilingual Strategies


Tracie Snow, Administrator of Instructional Services, FSDB presents Top Ten ASL/English Bilingual Strategies. Bilingual Education not only supports the acquisition and development of American Sign Language and English for students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, but also enables students to have academic content taught in an accessible language. Certified teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, through a curriculum team, identified and tried several bilingual strategies for instruction in classrooms K-12 last year.

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A cartoon penguin holds a caterpillar, asking if they are deaf (book cover)

“You Deaf?”


Brought to you by the Deaf Culture Centre and Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services. Book written by Linda McLaughlin and illustrated by Laura Walker.

This is a heartfelt story about a little penguin who is looking for a deaf friend to sign with. Guess who that would be?

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