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International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Humanity, not racism.

The 2024 theme of the International Day is “A Decade of Recognition, Justice, and Development: Implementation of the International Decade for People of African Descent”.

Racial discrimination and the legacies of slavery and colonialism continue to destroy lives and curtail opportunities, preventing billions of people from enjoying their full human rights and freedoms.

United Nations

Anti-Racism Resources

What is Discrimination?

A YouTube video by Canadian Human Rights Commission about discrimination translated into ASL.

Deconstructing Karen

An episode by “The Passionate Eye” where white women are invited to a dinner party to have honest conversation on racism and white privilege on the CBC Gem (free access with registration for Canadian residents, paid subscription not required to watch their series or movies).

Experiences and relationships between racial identity and languages

Can ASL be involved in Racism?

A YouTube video by Jeremy Lee Stone discussing various ASL signs for Black people, featuring Victoria Monroe.