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Blue background with white text "Gallaudet University / Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center - Deaf Schools. Deaf Education: Serving Families and Professional Nationwide."

Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center

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Blue background with white text "Gallaudet University / Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center - Deaf Schools. Deaf Education: Serving Families and Professional Nationwide."The Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center at Gallaudet University is a federally funded center with exemplary elementary and secondary education programs for deaf and hard of hearing students and is tasked with developing and disseminating innovative curricula, instructional techniques, and products nationwide while providing information, training, and technical assistance for parents and professionals to meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing students from birth to age 21.


History of CORE’s Distance Learning Webinar Program

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“A little history about the inception of our Distance Learning webinar series CORE has launched a webinar series that is packed with resources and information about Distance Learning in Deaf Education…

We have a wealth of skilled experts in the field of Deaf Education within the CORE department at California School for the Deaf. Our specialists offer different areas of training through CORE University. In addition, our specialists have provided information and technical support through phone consultations and presentations to people who were visiting our campus to learn from our curriculum. CORE provides resources to Deaf and hard of hearing teachers, local education agencies, directors of special education programs, researchers, and international visitors who come to California School for the Deaf to learn about our curriculum so that they can bring that information back to their country. Now through our webinars, we can bring CORE University to the internet…”

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Deaf Education and Families Project

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CSUN’s Deaf Education And Families (DEAF) Project empowers families with children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH), connecting them with the most effective services and the greatest educational opportunities. The DEAF Project emphasizes educational programs that focus on children’s abilities, helping them lead productive and enriched lives.

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Growing Together: Creating Language-Rich Environments

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Established as a National Science Foundation Science of Learning Center in 2006, Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2) seeks to advance understanding of the behavioral and brain mechanisms of learning.

Through collaborative research, the Center works to answer fundamental science questions about higher cognition and how humans learn, especially learning through the eyes. We investigate the effect of visual processes, visual language, and visual learning and social experiences on the development of cognition and language, reading, and literacy. With a particular focus on deaf individuals and sign language, we study learning processes in monolinguals and bilinguals across the life span in order to promote the meaningful translation of science for the benefit of education and society.

VL2 has created a set of visually appealing and accessible materials about VL2’s research on the advantages of early visual language and ASL-English bilingualism and what this means for deaf and hard of hearing children’s language acquisition and literacy.

“Growing Together: Creating Language-Rich Environments” is a series of interviews with parents, researchers, and scientists.


Odyssey Magazine

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Image of cover of the Odyssey Magazine 2019

The 2019 issue of Odyssey takes a look at advocacy, a critical component necessary to support the education of students who are deaf or hard of hearing. The issue explores how families, professionals, and schools are working together to encourage parent advocacy as well as the strategies they have used, the challenges they have faced, and the outcomes they have achieved in their quest to gain necessary services and supports for their deaf or hard of hearing children or students.

This issue includes 18 articles written by a total of 25 professional and parent authors on such topics as:

  • Supporting families in program transition and the hard truths of early language
  • Importance of deaf and hard of hearing students learning to self-advocate
  • Impact of family advocacy on deaf and hard of hearing students’ lives
  • Parent Advocacy app, a new tool to assist families of K-12 deaf and hard of hearing children in navigating IEP meetings, 504 meetings, and other meetings
  • How a parent of a Deaf Plus child challenged the system to get her son needed services
  • Learning about advocacy experiences of families of color-multiple perspectives guiding the Clerc Center’s research process
  • Reflections of a VR counselor-tips for families whose children are transitioning out of high school
  • Parent’s journey of advocating for a deaf child who identifies as transgender
  • Hands & Voices Advocacy, Support, and Training (ASTra) Program

We invite you to share with us on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags of #ClercCenter and #DeafEd how these articles have impacted you, or to reach out to us at with your thoughts.

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