Silent Voice

Silent Voice is a registered charity, founded in 1975. We are the only organization in the GTA offering community and family-based support to Deaf children and adults in American Sign Language (ASL). We provide social-recreational programs in ASL for Deaf children and their hearing brothers and sisters and we teach hearing family members the language of ASL. Also, in partnership with other organizations, we offer special assistance and outreach services to disadvantaged Deaf adults living in the community.

Our Values

  • American Sign Language as the primary language of communication in providing services to the Deaf community at Silent Voice.
  • The right of individuals within the Deaf community to choose the communication method of their choice.
  • Service to all people in need regardless of race, creed, disability, sexual orientation, family status, receipt of public assistance, level of literacy or any other personal characteristics.
  • Those most in need given preference.
  • The sanctity and dignity of human life.
  • The role of family as central to the individual and to society.
  • The role of community as central to the individual and to society.