Since 1974, our campers at the Sign Language Summer Program (SLSP) day camp have enjoyed summer rich in personal and linguistic growth in an ASL friendly environment. With our team of 20 Deaf and hearing staff who are fluent in ASL, Deaf and hard of hearing campers from different educational and cultural backgrounds have the opportunity to learn the language and meet role models in an environment free from communication restrictions. ASL plays an important role in building a child`s self-esteem and in their social and educational development. Deaf and hard of hearing campers who may otherwise have no Deaf or hard of hearing role models can acquire confidence while they interact with other campers and staff on a daily basis! Please contact us today to get more information on our programs. We have just added a brand new initiative at SLSP for hearing children with Deaf and Hard of Hearing parents. Our Kids of Deaf Adults (KODA) Camp has been running for three years now providing a unique extension to our existing camp run by hearing adults who have Deaf and Hard of Hearing parents themselves. KODA Camp runs the first two weeks of our camp season and is integrated in our regular SLSP camp, so they can interact with Deaf and Hard of Hearing campers during general activity time.

SLSP 2019 runs weekly from July 2nd to August 16th and the 2019 KODA Camp runs weekly from July 2nd to July 12th. Please download our registration form below:

We provide families and schools with recreational activities that incorporate personal growth and social skills. This program is one of our most versatile programs where our services are designed to support students with their journey as a Deaf and Hard of Hearing individual through collaboration with various agencies, school boards and the community. Some of our services include after-school programs, presentations, workshops, life skills and leadership seminars. Please contact us to discuss how our agency can work with your students.

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2019 Saturday Program Who: Deaf and Hard of Hearing kids with their hearing siblings, ages 6-12. Where: Silent Voice Office 60 St. Clair Ave East, Suite 400 Toronto, Ontario Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Winter dates: January 12, 26, February 9, 23, March 9, 23 Fall dates: September 21, October 5, 19, November 16, 30. Please contact Meghan Masanic at or (416) 463-1104 ext. 202 to register. Silent Voice

Family Communication Program has been supporting family communication between non-deaf family members and their Deaf child/youth for decades. As a part of this program, a Deaf teacher will provide home visits wherein they will teach American Sign Language to the family and will provide information about the Deaf Community and Deaf culture. This program has a significant impact on families and enhances the quality of life among those whom we serve. In addition to our traditional in-home lessons, we have added FCP Classes for Parents at our office. Please contact us for more details and registration.

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ASL Classes

Our new ASL classes for parents with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children is an extension of our regular in-home Family Communication Program ASL instruction. FCP ASL classes are ideal for parents and hearing family members who want to immediately communicate with their Deaf and Hard of Hearing family member(s).

Winter Session from January 14 to March 18, 2019

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The Silent Voice Sports Program has been providing opportunities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and youth in the GTA to participate in sports for the last few years. We offer free sports clinics at schools run by Deaf and Hard of Hearing athletes, we also host sporting events year around for the community so we can connect youth with Deaf athletes, coaches and clubs. With our Sports Program we have seen students become confident in playing team sports, motivated to stay active and connecting with new friends through organized sports. Contact us to find out how we can bring sports to your community.

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