ASL Connect: Did You Know... Where ASL Came From

Did you know where American Sign Language came from? It came from more than one place! Find out where in our new video for a #funfact about ASL!

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[Video description: The video begins in old film black and white, an old man, George Veditz signs friends and fingerspells FELLOW and DEAF then paused. The color changes to blue and white text appears “Where did ASL come from?” then changes into an old yellow paper with blue text, “Laurent Clerc, a deaf teacher, brought French Sign Language to the American School for the Deaf in 1817.” along with a compass. The ship arrives Paris then leaves to North America. Blue text, “In Hartford, CT. The Statue of Liberty appears and blue text, “sign language from deaf people in Martha’s Vineyard and New Hampshire. The background changes to burst blue and buff and white text, “ASL is born!” In the end, ASL Connect ending title page wraps up the video.]
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