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ASL/English Translation

English text is not always appropriate for the Deaf audience. English and ASL are two very different and dynamic languages. While it is natural to assume that ASL is based on English speech, it is an incorrect assumption. ASL is a language of its own and is not a function of English. To ensure 100% accessibility, your content should be provided in ASL.

Translating content from English to ASL is much more complicated than people realize! ASL is a vibrant and strong language with many nuances. One simple change, a raised eyebrow here or a different mouth movement there, can lead to an entirely different meaning!

We believe in message equivalency, the quality of the ASL translation is equally as important as the quality of the English text. Deaf signers are native users of the language, bringing with them years of experience and expertise to ensure accurate translations.

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"When we described our vision to the team at Silent Voice, they instantly understood and knew what we needed. They went to work developing a curriculum, a framework, and a format for the eCourses. They set up everything. When they brought their work to us, we were blown away by what they accomplished. We are so lucky to have them as partners! They completely understood our needs, and they developed training that would support the success of our practitioners."

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