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Level One Practitioner Training
Deaf Literacy Initiative has partnered with the Resource Development Services at Silent Voice to develop and deliver their Level One Practitioner Training. Level one consists of 3 online courses where current and aspiring practitioners can learn about the Deaf literacy field. The courses are: 101 Introduction to Literacy; 102 Introduction to Curriculum; and 103 Introduction to Assessment. Levels two and three of the practitioner training are currently under development.

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What do our clients say?

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Deaf Literacy Initiative

"When we described our vision to the team at Silent Voice, they instantly understood and knew what we needed. They went to work developing a curriculum, a framework, and a format for the eCourses. They set up everything. When they brought their work to us, we were blown away by what they accomplished. We are so lucky to have them as partners! They completely understood our needs, and they developed training that would support the success of our practitioners."

Watch the video for the full testimonial.