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e-learning platform for courses in American Sign Language

Forms in ASL

Interactive forms with videos in ASL for sign language users

DLI Intake Assessment Tool

Learner literacy assessment tool for LBS practitoners

Deaf Youth HUB

National resource hub for Deaf and Hard of Hearing youth

Financial Literacy

Deaf Youth HUB e-Course on 258HUB

High School Transitioning

Deaf Youth HUB e-Course on 258HUB

101 – Introduction to Literacy

Deaf Literacy Initiative e-Course on 258HUB

102 – Introduction to Curriculum

Deaf Literacy Initiative e-Course on 258HUB

103 – Introduction to Assessment

Deaf Literacy Initiative e-Course on 258HUB

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth in Ontario: A Snapshot of Systemic Barriers and Gaps

In English

Jeunes Sourd·e·s et malentendant·e·s de l’Ontario : un aperçu des obstacles et des lacunes systémiques

In French

ASL and LSQ as Second Language Professional Development

L2PD e-Courses on 258HUB

ASL Education Resources

In English

More Coming Soon

From RDS

From start to finish, our team of specialists are dedicated to developing resources for organizations and communities. Let's work together on yours!

Our Partners

Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services
Ontario Ministry of Education
Deaf Literacy Initiative Logo
Deaf Literacy Initiative

"When we described our vision to the team at Silent Voice, they instantly understood and knew what we needed. They went to work developing a curriculum, a framework, and a format for the eCourses. They set up everything. When they brought their work to us, we were blown away by what they accomplished. We are so lucky to have them as partners! They completely understood our needs, and they developed training that would support the success of our practitioners."

Watch the video for the full testimonial.