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If you look online, the dictionary definition says eLearning is “learning that is done via electronic media, typically on the internet.”  That’s true. But we see eLearning as so much more!

Accessible eLearning opens a world of possibilities.   Anyone can access training on their own electronic devices such as computers, tablets or even mobile phones. eLearning can be done at your own pace, anytime and anywhere!

Our Process

We believe learning should be fun, interactive, and engaging for everyone. THIS is how we design and build all our eCourses. We are also able to offer “live” classes and webinars, in addition to self-paced learning for users. But what makes our eLearning unique? We integrate ASL and English seamlessly through instructional videos, texts, and interactive activities with a Deaf-first perspective.

Do you have a course or training program you want to deliver online? Contact Resource Development Services today to see how we can help!

Our Partners

Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services
Ontario Ministry of Education
Deaf Literacy Initiative Logo
Deaf Literacy Initiative

"When we described our vision to the team at Silent Voice, they instantly understood and knew what we needed. They went to work developing a curriculum, a framework, and a format for the eCourses. They set up everything. When they brought their work to us, we were blown away by what they accomplished. We are so lucky to have them as partners! They completely understood our needs, and they developed training that would support the success of our practitioners."

Watch the video for the full testimonial.