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International Week of Deaf People 2023

By September 18, 2023September 20th, 2023Events

For International Week of Deaf People 2023 from Monday, September 18 to Sunday September 22, we will be celebrating Deaf people all week at Silent Voice! Every day we will share interesting materials from Deaf people for you to enjoy with your family or friends.

Monday, September 18 – Day One

Deaf Books and Authors

  1. – Books about Deafness with Deaf characters, or by a Deaf author
  2. – Deaf authors and writers to read and follow
  3. Swishing by Victoria Monroe (USA) Deaf Black Queer Author
  4. River of Hands: Deaf Heritage Books (Canada) collection of short stories by Deaf authors mostly in Ontario
  5. The Smart Princess and Other Deaf Tales (Canada) collection of short stories by Deaf authors mostly in Ontario
  6. The Silent Observer by Christy MacKinnon (NS)
  7. Quiet Journey: Understanding the Rights of Deaf Children by Joanne S. Cripps
  8. True Biz by Sara Novic
  9. Deaf Utopia by Nyle DiMarco
  10. Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick
  11. I’ll Scream Later by Marlee Matlin
  12. She Carries the Sword by Cheyenne Clearbrook
  13. Splish, Splat by Alexis Domney (Burke)
  14. The Gary Malkowski Story: Deaf Politician by Richard Medugno
  15. Everyday I am just Deaf: Life in a Hearing world with Deaf Queen Boss by Kellina Powell
  16. Samuel Thomas Greene: A Legend in the Nineteenth Century Deaf Community by Clifton F. Carbin (Canada)
  17. Finding Zoe by Brandi Rarus (USA)

Tuesday, September 19 – Day Two

Deaf Movies

  1. The Legend of the Mountain Man
  2. Wonderstruck
  3. Godzilla vs Kong
  4. Switched at Birth
  5. Mr. Holland’s Opus
  6. Eternals
  7. The Hammer
  8. Feel The Beat
  9. Creed 3
  10. Children of a Lesser God
  11. CODA
  12. Deaf U
  13. Baby Driver
  14. Dead Silence