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Today is Human Rights Day 2018. It is Deaf babies’ human right to have full access to sign language from birth.

Unfortunately, 3 out of 4 Deaf babies do not have full access to sign language from birth and 98% of Deaf children do not have access to education in sign language. This is a gross violation of Deaf babies and children’s human rights.

Video also can be found at YouTube:

Human Rights Day 2018
by: United Nations

Deaf people as a linguistic and cultural group
By: World Federation of the Deaf…/LM-and-D-Discussion-Paper-FINAL-11-May…

WFD Position Paper on the Language Rights of Deaf Children by: World Federation of the Deaf…/wfd-position-paper-language-rights-de…/

Human Rights of Deaf People – Bilingual Education
by: World Federation of the Deaf

Annual Survey of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and Youth 2011-12 Regional and National Summary by: Gallaudet Research Institute…/2012_National_Summary.pdf (page 11)

Nyle DiMarco unveils new language deprivation video: ‘We felt we could tell a story that touched the heart’
by: Nyle DiMarco Foundation…/nyle-dimarco-language-deprivation-awarenes…/


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