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Rocky Mountain Deaf School – ASL Education

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This is an array of ASL educational fun videos to enhance Deaf students’ language learning. It includes ASL skits containing ASL grammatical units, ASL Poetry, ASL Storytelling, and much more. This is a property of Rocky Mountain Deaf School, a bilingual charter school located in Denver, Colorado.

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Featured Family: Idris

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Check out this wonderful video about Idris and his family!

Hands Land was curious to learn more about the impact ASL rhymes and rhythms had on children’s language experience. Several families were kind enough to open up their homes to us, let us watch them interact with Hands Land videos, and answer our questions.

Leila Hanaumi and Kent Turner and their child, Idris, were the first family we visited!

Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

[Transcript below]

Video Transcript:

Kent: (Idris’ sign name), who’s that?

Idris: Me.

Kent: You?

Idris, that’s you!

Idris: Me!

Idris and Leila: Surprise! Surprise! Ahh! Ahh!

Kent: Hello, I’m Kent.

Leila: I’m Leila.

Idris and Leila: Blue!

Leila: ASL rhymes and rhythms have an impact on his education, growth, and emotional development.

Kriston: Excited, excited, excited

Jump, jump, jump

Leila and Idris: (Overlapping signs) Cry, cry, cry
Excited, excited, excited

Jump, jump, jump

Nervous, nervous, nervous

Leila: It definitely has helped us. When he is feeling certain emotions like frustration… we would sing “frustrated, frustrated, frustrated.” This would make him laugh. He would independently respond by signing “pout, pout, pout.” We would affirm his frustration. From this experience, he learns that we do understand him. Sometimes we don’t know why he is frustrated, but we are able to acknowledge his feelings. This would help him feel better because he feels understood by us.

Idris: Laugh, laugh, laugh

Kent: Cry, cry, cry

Leila: Hands Land is different because it’s not just ASL stories. It’s all about rhythms, dance, and using ASL as an art. And he is fascinated by it.

Leila: Trees, trees

River, river

Fish swims

Kent: We have tried using different TV shows with spoken content, and Idris never showed any interest. At first we thought maybe he was too young to understand. But when we showed Hands Land videos, he was captivated by them. He ignored everything else. Although he hadn’t started imitating, he responded strongly to ASL rhymes and rhythms. That was great! Over time, he started copying songs. And we would sing along too. Hands Land is an amazing resource! We will definitely be using it with Idris.

Kent: If our family could come up with a song, it would about balls. Idris thinks the world of balls!

Leila: B-A-L-L, ball, ball, ball!

Idris and Kent: (repeating sign) Ball!

Idris: Hands Land!

Leila and Kent: Hands Land!

Idris: (repeating sign) Hands Land!