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Hands Land

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Hands Land educational resources were developed by Deaf native signers and educators from Deaf families who found joy in using visual-based rhymes and rhythms throughout the day.

We have a great news to share! The first season of original ASL rhymes and rhythms is released to the public! Hands Land’s ASL rhymes and rhythms cover a wide range of themes including colors, animals, numbers, routines, and much more. Teachers, mentors, and parents will find them beneficial and relevant to their curriculum and daily life.

Hands Land’s primary goal is to expand educational resources through ASL rhymes and rhythms for young children that seamlessly integrate into family and school activities. Founders Leala Holcomb and Jonathan McMillan have unique knowledge and experience to bring this exciting resource to Deaf, Coda, and hearing children and their families.



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V2L Storybook Apps

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The VL2 Storybook Apps has a list of different apps which are in both ASL and English.

Every child loves and deserves a great story. Great stories invite children into our vast world, encouraging new ways to imagine and then leading them down the path to reading and learning. These award-winning VL2 Storybook Apps are designed based on research on visual learning and bilingualism. The apps support literacy development in deaf children. Explore and discover this collection of great stories.  There are storybook apps in ASL/English as well as in other languages.


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Sign Me by GraceSigns

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3 S Logos (one in green, one in purple and one in red)This FREE App is perfect for kids and adults of all ages and abilities. GraceSigns is committed to providing child-safe learning applications, with no ads, no internet access, and no in-app-purchases.

Created by GraceSigns, A Non-Profit Organization, Sign Me A Story continues to win praise by making Sign Language both fun and easy! They highlight diversity and inclusion by featuring children with disabilities. Meet the GreenBeanies and follow them on their incredible journey. You will Enjoy Learning 26 Signs along the Wild Way.

Learn the Building Blocks of Sign Language in this Amazing New App! Both Kids and Adults Love Learning the 26 letters of the Alphabet and 26 Hilarious Animal Signs. Entertaining, Engaging and an Experience for all Senses. Colorful Cartoons, Real Kid Videos, Lively Music and an Awesome Game make it Exciting to Learn a New Language … Sign Language!

Sign Me A Sentence makes sign language both entertaining and engaging for all ages. Learn more than 75 conversational phrases through video, voice, reading, music, signing, illustrations and gaming. Everyone will enjoy watching, playing and learning in this totally immersive sign-language experience. Watch, listen, touch and learn. Watch the video of the sentence being signed, listen to the sentence pronounced, read the sentence and play the lively game. Learn to sign: “How are you?,” “Where are we going?,” “Let’s eat,” “See you tomorrow” and dozens more in our best sign-language app yet.


SignWise for Kids

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A premier Quality Assurance Resource Center established in 2016, Signwise for Kids™ is dedicated to promoting the use and development  of accurate, high quality American Sign Language and Deaf-related products for young children from infant to elementary school age and their families.

They remove the guesswork for parents and professionals who wonder if a product is appropriate for your child. You want to know about the company that created the products and their experiences with sign language and the deaf community. You may question whether the portrayal of a deaf/hard of hearing child appropriate. And many other questions.

They are a trusted resource for families and offer detailed product reviews, which include specific features and detailed reporting on the accuracy and quality of each product. This allows you to make an informed decision about the best product for your deaf or hard of hearing child.


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ASL Literacy Activities

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This is a free resource provided by Gallaudet University’s Motion Light Lab. Motion Light Lab is a space where creative literature intersects with digital technology to create immersive learning experiences. Motion Light Lab is part of the National Science Foundation Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning.

In light of COVID-19, we are staying home and figuring out resources for our children. Here, they are putting together activities, ideas, videos to support your child’s learning at home. A major focus of their activities will be based off on their award-winning VL2 Storybook Apps. They are making our apps available for free, at specific times. Please keep checking in for updates.