History of CORE’s Distance Learning Webinar Program

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“A little history about the inception of our Distance Learning webinar series CORE has launched a webinar series that is packed with resources and information about Distance Learning in Deaf Education…

We have a wealth of skilled experts in the field of Deaf Education within the CORE department at California School for the Deaf. Our specialists offer different areas of training through CORE University. In addition, our specialists have provided information and technical support through phone consultations and presentations to people who were visiting our campus to learn from our curriculum. CORE provides resources to Deaf and hard of hearing teachers, local education agencies, directors of special education programs, researchers, and international visitors who come to California School for the Deaf to learn about our curriculum so that they can bring that information back to their country. Now through our webinars, we can bring CORE University to the internet…”

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Early Language & Long-Term Outcomes

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The goal of the presentation is to consider how well Deaf Education systems are supporting deaf students’ language and academic growth. The webinar will review current research addressing three questions: 1) How likely are deaf children to become fully proficient in a spoken language like English? 2) How likely are deaf children to become fully proficient in a sign language like ASL? and 3) How likely are deaf children to have age-level academic outcomes? The presentation includes analyses of data specific to CSD Fremont looking at the long-term effects of early language experience on academic outcomes. One of the key findings is that with early intervention, hearing parents can reliably support age-expected language skills and academic achievement in their deaf children.