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Ivy’s Journey

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Hi my name is ivy. See my shirt? I’m transgender. I was born a boy changed to a girl since age two but I came out as a girl at age five. The reason I’m wearing this shirt because we are tired of hiding our true identity and afraid of going to bathroom with someone…. Will they picking on me? Bullying me? Well, I don’t know. That’s why we need your support transgender kids like me. There’s high percent young transgender suicide themselves because of not acceptance, the society itself and etc. that’s all. I love you all.

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#Why I Sign Campaign

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The purpose of sharing #whyIsign narratives

Families are still not given resources or support about including signing with their ddbddldhh children. Families often feel alone in their signing journey. For most, their baby is the first deaf person they meet. They often are nervous and scared to connect with the deaf community. Our diverse communities often desire to connect with hearing families, but lack knowledge of where families are & how to reach out.

 Through sharing #whyIsign narratives, people can:

  • Connect with deaf & hard of hearing children to other families

  • Connect to DDBDDHHLD & the diverse communities within

  • Connect with the signing communities (CODA’s, students, friends, community members, etc.)

  • Share resources and information about resources of raising a deaf and hard of hearing child

  • Understand that sign language is a right, not an option


Raymart Tinio – Deaf Pilot

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This video is about me as a Deaf pilot that were interviewed and created by Purdue media students two years, but it wasn’t shared publicly yet. So, here it is!

I am a Deaf pilot, go land your dream!

Video credits: Joon Suh and Ryan Walker.

Why Deaf Model Nyle DiMarco Doesn’t Wish He Could Hear

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Actor and model Nyle DiMarco is Deaf. He doesn’t understand the concept of silence — it’s just his default mode. DiMarco went on to win “America’s Next Top Model” and “Dancing with the Stars.” Now, he uses his platform to help Deaf children who don’t have the same access to sign language and community that he did as a child. | For viewers who need sound to access this video, a version with the subtitles read onto a soundtrack is available here:

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Deaf schoolboy scores ‘higher than Einstein’ in IQ test

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A photo of Darren Toh.

A 12-year-old boy has joined Mensa after achieving 162 on an IQ test, a higher score than Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking.

Darren Toh, who was born deaf, is also an accomplished musician. He scored the highest grade possible for a child on the test.

The boy from Aughton, Lancashire, said he thought he was smart but “not quite a genius”.

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