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How Sign Language Works

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American Sign Language is an enchanting visual language. Christine Sun Kim shares how it works in her TED Talk.

Artist and TED Fellow Christine Sun Kim was born deaf, and she was taught to believe that sound wasn’t a part of her life, that it was a hearing person’s thing. Through her art, she discovered similarities between American Sign Language and music, and she realized that sound doesn’t have to be known solely through the ears — it can be felt, seen and experienced as an idea. In this endearing talk, she invites us to open our eyes and ears and participate in the rich treasure of visual language.

This talk was presented at an official TED conference, and was featured by our editors on the home page.

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Ivy’s Journey

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Hi my name is ivy. See my shirt? I’m transgender. I was born a boy changed to a girl since age two but I came out as a girl at age five. The reason I’m wearing this shirt because we are tired of hiding our true identity and afraid of going to bathroom with someone…. Will they picking on me? Bullying me? Well, I don’t know. That’s why we need your support transgender kids like me. There’s high percent young transgender suicide themselves because of not acceptance, the society itself and etc. that’s all. I love you all.

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Rachel Shenton

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“Sign language is crucial for deaf children… Early intervention is crucial. Education doesn’t just start in schools, it starts when a child is born.” Watch Oscar-winner, actress and screenwriter Rachel Shenton in Geneva’s #SDGStudio on today’s International Day of Sign Languages.


Lance Roth – The Deaf Rancher & Opportunist

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Lance Roth is a Deaf rancher. You may think being a farmer or a rancher has a boring life, well, you’re WRONG!

Lance considers himself an opportunist that he seeks different ways to make his lifestyle exciting by designing his house, building a solar panel, starting a small business, breeding bulls, and many more.